About the Artist


Steven Ralph “Steve” Jerman was born in 1962 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has had a life long interest in art and received a bachelor degree in Advertising Design at Utah State University in 1985. Steve worked for 30 years as an art director and graphic designer in his hometown, producing work in nearly every segment of the industry. He’s earned multiple local and national awards for his designs particularly with logo, apparel and publications. He’d been called a “Personality” and “All-around Creative Brain” in the local media.

For the past 15 years he has produced fine art; centering in mixed media and digital. Jerman created a style of combining images in Photoshop called Mergings™ and in 2011 published a book explaining and illustrating that style. He has also spoken on, and demonstrated that process. For over two decades he has been the merchandise licensee to the heirs of Everett Ruess, a talented young artist and poet who disappeared in Southern Utah in 1934.

Through all his endeavors he centers on the concept, but also exhibits an advanced design sense. His color ways have been lauded internationally. In 1994 the world’s largest corporation called his work “Two or three steps ahead of the others”.

In May 2014 he re-located to Cache Valley Utah. And in the past two years shot and edited a documentary film called “The Cost of Being Different” which explores that transition. In his free time he enjoys writing, history, conversation, storytelling, fine foods and spending time with his 18-year-old son. You may view his work at SteveJerman.com

President Ronald W. Reagan

The works you see here available directly from the artist.

e-mail: stevenrjerman@gmail.com